January 5, 2015

Why Digital Marketing?

Today is the day before classes begin for my final quarter as an undergrad at Western. I am really looking forward to taking Digital Marketing for this final quarter because I believe it is important for me to obtain digital marketing skills before entering into the marketing and advertising world. I believe I have average knowledge of certain aspects of the computer world, so being able to expand on existing knowledge I have is always a plus.

This quarter I hope to obtain a full understanding of some of the most important digital marketing trends. I have a limited knowledge of some of these trends, but hope to gain an extensive understanding by the end of the quarter. The trends/certifications that I know of and am excited to learn include Hootsuite, Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

As discussed above, I have a basic digital marketing understanding and hope to expend on it during this quarter and create a strong foundation for future learning.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements for Marketing Jobs in the 21st Century

After reading the research article by Regina Schlee and Katrin Harich it has become shockingly clear that many business students lack some of the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace.

The article discussed many aspects of much needed workplace skills such as meta and technical skills, including the skill levels required for different regions of the United States, however I found the disconnect on the education side the most baffling. Though this article was published in 2010 and emphasized the fact that the technical skills of new graduates were important and lacking, I am sure that now more than ever the need for students to obtain these skills is at an all time high. The question is, has the curriculum at business schools around the country caught up with the skills organizations are looking for in their new hires.

US Interactive Marketing Forecast 2011 To 2016

With the rise in technology and the increased use of computers, mobile phones and tablets it only makes sense that the amount spent on interactive marketing will substantially increase.

The most important increase appears to be the amount of mobile marketing, which began its takeover in 2011. As discussed in the article, the use of smart phones and tablets has increased and advertisers are faced with the task of taking over these media outlets. Mobile commerce is the most intriguing aspect of this mobile marketing increase. The ability to purchase items on your phone or tablet did and has become increasingly convenient for the consumer, which only means positive things for the seller. It seems, the more convenient it is for a consumer to purchase an item the more often the purchases will happen.

Another interesting aspect of the finding from the research includes the fact that search spends will maintain the largest amount of interactive spending, but will decrease in shares due to nontraditional search engines like YouTube and Facebook for findings. When contemplating this idea it makes sense that users are begining to use these nontraditional search engines; people spend a substantial amount of time on these social media sights so it would be natural that they begin to search for products on them.

Overall, the world of marketing is ever evolving and it is important for marketers to keep up with current trends. We are in the digital age and these current/emerging marketing trends reflect this.

State of Digital Marketing Talent

It is quite disappointing to learn that digital marketing talent is not where it needs to be for the industry. The most pressing discussion in this article is the perception that new graduates seeking entry-level positions do not carry the necessary levels of knowledge and skills. As discussed previously in the Knowledge and Skill Requirements for Marketing Jobs in the 21st Century article, students are not fully equipped with the necessary technical skills needed when entering the job force, and in some cases as this article explains, their marketing skills may not even be up to par. On top of all that, gaining these skills in the work place may prove to be difficult due to missed opportunities in training and skills acquisition programs.

At a time when interactive marketing is substantially growing, it is important for new graduates and job seekers of the marketing industry to have these skills. It seems clear that institutions providing their students with the most current material possible is essential. Students are after all trusting and investing in them to do so. That being said, at the current state of the industry it is within a new marketers best interest to teach themselves these digital marketing skills if courses are not available to them as they obtain their education.

Final Notes

After reading all of the assigned articles discussed above I am now more than ever excited to begin this digital marketing journey! As a future job seeker, obtaining these skills and hopefully being able to use them relatively soon proves to be crucial for much desired success in the marketing industry!

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