The Newbie Analytics User

            As I begin to enter into the marketing world, it is obvious that a digital and interactive marketing is an understanding I should have in my bag of tricks. While entering into this marketing focus Analytics seems to be the most prominent certification to possess. After reading the Forrester Research organization’s assessment of the leading web analytics providers as well as beginning the courses for the Google Analytics certification some key points stuck out to me about the analytics industry.

            First, before knowing even the slightest bit about web analytics, I had only heard about Google’s analytics offerings and was completely unaware of other providers such as Adobe, IBM and Webtrends (mentioned in the Forrester assessment). As I did a little bit more research I found that specific social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube even offer analytics services as well. To add to my shock (considering my limited knowledge), because I was only familiar with Google’s analytics offerings I assumed that they would be the leaders in the industry, but according to Forrester, others are slightly ahead of Google. After reading Forrester’s evaluation I am left with the question of whether their data was influenced in anyway and wanted a little bit more information, which is what they are hoping for I assume, due to the suggested customizable rankings offered.

            While completing the Google Analytics courses the most interesting aspect seems to be the fact that the analytics code on mobile devices is different than for websites. Again, due to my limited knowledge I believed that no matter what type of device the information was coming from the collection of that information would be the same. Now that I understand that the codes used for different devices’ operating systems are unique it makes sense that the implementation and data collection tracking is also unique.

            Though I still have lots to learn I am still excited to complete the analytics certification process! Who knows… maybe one day I’ll be an expert analytics user!


Forrester Research Inc.

Google Analytics Academy

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