Data Over HIPPO


            Highest Paid Person’s Opinion, or Hippo. The authors of “Practical Guide to Controlled Experiments on the Web: Listen to Your Customers not to the Hippos” explain how important it is for businesses to listen to data rather than the person who is in charge and their unsupported opinions about the businesses future decisions. The data we are speaking of in this particular instance are A/B testing results, and the decisions are those of the website design.

            Before getting a little bit of an overview from two prominent A/B testing providers, Optimizely and VWO (Visual Website Optimizer), my knowledge of A/B testing was limited. Well, I should say more limited than it is now! With my limited knowledge, the ability to test and compare a website’s effectiveness in obtaining the most amount of conversions possible seems to be one of the most important website optimization tools. Sure the opinion of your boss (uughem, HIPPO) or the website designer is important, but why rely on personal opinions of the people within the company when you can obtain a majority opinion from the people that matter the most… THE CUSTOMER!

            Another important advantage of A/B testing is the fact that customers don’t always know what they want. Often it is hard for a person to explain what they want in many aspects of their life, what a customer wants to see on a website is no different. This is where the quantitative data is most important. The customer is able to demonstrate what they want without having to express it.

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