Content Marketing: Not Your Average Marketing Campaign

As I learn more about inbound and content marketing strategies and techniques one thing is for sure! Though the specific content provided by individual brands and businesses are different the techniques used for successful web content are basically the same.

Content marketing is not just about posting on your social media page, publishing a blog or white paper, and sending an email to current and potential customers. Poof success…. Not! It’s about knowing who your audience is and pulling them in by providing them with relevant content they actually want to seek out and then eventually creating a trusting relationship, which will in time increase conversions.

The Content Marketing Institute makes a great point in their article titled, “What is Content Marketing?” They state, Good content marketing makes a person stop…read… think… behave… differently.” With a great blog post, podcast, or webisode the audience is pulled in by the content of interest, provided with information related to the brands products and services, and then given a solution or outlet for them to act on the new information they have obtained. 

I really enjoyed how Brian Clark of Copyblogger Media described content marketing as “the new branding” in his white paper titled, “The Business Case for Agile Content Marketing”. Content marketing really is a new way for businesses to present their brands to the customer. Much like traditional branding techniques, with content a brand is able to create a buyer persona their customer can relate to and present material that represents their brand in a way that is cohesive with the products or services they are offering (kind of like the product packaging in the traditional branding sense).

But wait…. you can’t just post and dash!

It is important to recognize that all of this content will not just produce results automatically. Content marketers and businesses must establish an integrated plan for promoting their content in addition to their products, whether that be through social media outlets (for your followers to view and share), website and search engine optimization, email marketing campaigns, and even some paid promotions (in some cases). Steven MacDonald discusses the importance of promoting your content in his article, “The 5 Pillars of Successful Content Marketing”. As he says, “content marketing is part content, part marketing.” You can’t just post or publish content and expect people to see it and begin making purchases! 

Another key thing to remember when developing and providing content is the fact that it takes time to obtain noticeable results. Content marketing is not a quick fix ad campaign put in place that will increase sales at a specific point in time. It is an outlet for the business to establish a longtime relationship with customers. The content must be developed and adjusted overtime in order to establish a following or audience base so that desired conversation can be created, which goes back to the importance of promoting the content.


Overall, if done correctly content marketing can be a great way for businesses to achieve their final goal and will do so by creating a relationship with their audience and customers. With this new form of branding businesses are able to present themselves to their customer in a way different from traditional push marketing strategies. Further, the content created requires time and attention in order for a business to achieve their desired results.

Oh Wait!

Since we are talking about content marketing, I thought I should share a nice little piece of content that Business Insider provided on their Facebook page! Just sharing the content of interest to me…. #collegelife uugheem!

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