Effective Email Marketing Strategies for Success

Yes! Email marketing, the more successful step sister to telemarketing. Both are thought of as dead or unpopular marketing tactics, however email marketing is definitely not dead (check your emails) and can be substantially more successful if done right!

            After doing some research and reading up on currant email marketing tactics an important statistic keeps coming up. According to the Capterra Sales & Marketing Blog, for every $1 spent on email marketing a business may receive an average return of $44.25. That’s over a 4300% return! 

            Speaking of this large return, email marketing is a low cost way for businesses to connect with a large number of their customers or leads in the most cost effective way…. a big reason why email marketing is not dead! Not only is email marketing cheap, but it is a great way for businesses to integrate existing marketing campaigns and make more of a personal connection with leads and existing customers to influence future conversions. 

            So, what email marketing strategies are the most effective?  Hubspot and Constant Contact, which both offer an inbound marketing platform and insights provide some great pointers and strategies for businesses to use when designing successful email marketing campaigns. I have narrowed them down to the ones I believe to be the most important. 

  1. Segment your contacts.
                One of the most important strategies for creating a great email marketing campaign includes the segmentation of your contacts. Segments can range from geographic locations to behavioral events such as conversion events or page views.  It is important to insure all of your contacts are separated in groups so that you may send specific segments content that pertains to them. By doing this you may increase the number of views because the material you are providing may actually be of interest to them.
                If I purchase products online from a department store such as Macy’s and the majority of those products happen to be beauty items, does it make sense for me to continuously receive emails about men’s underwear? Probably not.

  2. Provide valuable content at the right times.
                Providing valuable content in general is important because customers are not going to be willing to open your emails or even continue to subscribe to your email list unless they feel it is worth their while. This means you are providing them with specific information they may want to learn or some great offers they will redeem in the future.
                Ensuring this valuable content is provided at the right time is the next step. Hubspot discusses the buyer’s journey and how important it is for businesses to send emails to customers that provided them with content that is specific to their stage in the buyer’s journey. In the awareness stage we are providing them with informational content, in the consideration stage we are helping them solve a problem, and in the decision stage we are providing them with content after they have made their choice.
  3. Personalize your emails.
                Personalizing your emails with your name, your customers name, recent conversions, or any specific information that may only pertain to them may increase your open rate by 3-5% according to Hubspot. The personalization shows the customer or reader that you are attempting to create a relationship with them and that you are more invested in the relationship. 
                Personalization may also mean providing them with content that is valuable and at the right time in their specific buyer’s journey as discussed above.

  4. Make sharing easy.
                Making it easy for your readers to share your emails or encouraging them to forward emails to others is a great way to obtain new leads or potential customers. If you provide shareable links as well as great content that is actually worth sharing and forwarding there is a potential for you to gain leads through word of mouth or personal proof, which may be more powerful than some other marketing tactics.
  5. Get rid of purchased lists.
                It is important to get permission from customers to send them content through email before you send them any.
    Unsolicited emails are the quickest way for businesses to get their emails sent to the junk box because purchased or rented lists are automatically filtered into these spam or junk mailboxes. 
    Besides getting your emails sent to the junk boxes this is a very unpersonalized way to connect with potential customers, which was discussed as being important previously.

 So, in order to benefit from the personalized experience email marketing offers it is important to implement these 5 strategies as well as some others to really create an effective email marketing plan.


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