Using Socedo in Your Inbound Sales Process

As our Digital Marketing class goes through important inbound marketing practices, Dr. Mark Staton (@DigiMark_wwu) has done a great job of connecting us with professionals in the marketing industry. These awesome guests specifically use and give us some great insight on some of the inbound marketing practices we have learned. Socedo founder, Aseem Badshah was able to join the list of guests and share some of his inbound sales knowledge with our class.

First off, it is important to point out that the sales process has changed dramatically. This dramatic change is influenced most by the change in buying habits and the amount of information buyers have available to them. Instead of pushing products on to your buyers and exclusively having information they no longer have, the new inbound sales process is about creating a trusting relationship and ensuring they end up with the product that fits their specific needs. Generating marketing qualified (MQL) and sales qualified leads (SQL) are a key step in this process.

As we learned in our class discussion, Socedo is a great tool for businesses looking to obtain these MQLs and SQLs. Once these leads have been generated the inbound sales process will begin.

For a B2B or a start up, Socedo is a great way for businesses to create that desired relationship with their customer and/or build their audience. The automated engagement feature Socedo offers allows these businesses to build that large pool of social leads they might not have been able to find by simply scanning through their Twitter and LinkedIn networks.

This brings us to a great question, which came up in our class discussion…
Why Twitter and LinkedIn?

These networks are where important B2B interactions are taking place. As Aseem explained, there is more of a business presence on these sights and they maintain a relatively open network. The open network makes it easier for businesses to engage with potential customers. However, Aseem expressed that other social networking sites are on the horizon for Socedo.

In previous blogs ( I have mentioned the fact that on my spare time I follow many beauty industry influencers for the latest products and techniques. So, I thought it would be great to highlight how Socedo may be of benefit for businesses in this industry.

For one of my favorite developing beauty product brands, Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH), using Socedo may be a great way for this brand to connect with beauty industry influencers who might be able to help them build their customer base and potential retail locations where they may want to have their products sold. After going through the automatic engagement process and finding prospects that fit the MQL criteria, Anastasia Beverly Hills could complete the finale direct message step by offering to send them products and/or links to content they have developed such as blogs and video tutorials.

Overall, Socedo is a great way for businesses to connect with potential customers and create leads they may not have been able to find. Once these marketing qualified leads have been found it is important for the sales team to build a relationship and continue the inbound sales process.

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