The Next Generation of Paid Advertising: Programmatic and Native Advertising

After learning about search engine marketing (SEM) including paid search advertising a couple of new paid digital advertising options are developing. Programmatic as well as native advertising seem to be the next generation of paid advertising options, which will be used in the digital world.


With programmatic ad buying marketers are able to purchase specific ad spots on webpages that will be seen by their exact target in real-time. On top of that, it can be done with an automated system which will make ad buying decisions for them rather than manually. explains:

“It’s buying specific audiences using lots of data to figure out the right ad, the right person, the right time.”

“——Programmatic takes multiple data points and makes decisions [about] what screen an ad should be on, what is the most effective strategy at a given moment, and lets you do all the non manual decisions.”

These programmatic providers seem to be on more of the traditional side of digital marketing, which is usually frowned upon. However, with programmatic the idea of pairing advertisements with your ideal customer, looking for specific products and services you offer appears to be a little less invasive than traditional digital advertising tactics.

Native Advertising

As the digital marketing world continues to unfold in front of me, the idea of inbound marketing and using content to attract target customers keeps coming up….. and rightly so! Now, this same idea has been paired with native advertising. 

Much like content marketing, native advertising is used to build trust and a relationship with your customer. This is done so with editorial-like content pieces often featured on other media platforms. Platforms where these native ads may be promoted include podcast channels, social media platforms, Flipboard pages, or online publication sites. does a great job of explaining this new paid advertising concept as well.

So which one’s better?  

It seems both have many benefits. Much like all other marketing concepts, it simply depends on the situation. However, I will say that with programmatic marketing research firms such as ComScore are providing advertising metrics that will provide quality performance information among programmatic service providers in the industry. These metrics give the marketer purchasing these services a more transparent idea of the quality of the programmatic service. On the other hand, there is currently no data on the ROI of native advertising according to though we know it does contribute to brand awareness due to the press and publicity it produces.

Overall, both methods may be great forms of paid advertising to think about implementing into your marketing campaigns. I for one, am more of an advocate for all things inbound and would encourage native advertising more so than programmatic. But, only time will tell and much more research needs to be done on both methods to see which is the most effective.


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