The Rise of Mobile and Multi-Platform Usage

Now, after all this website, search engine, content creation chatter we will get into mobile and how important it is to implement this into your business’ marketing plans. If you are a person who keeps up with the latest technological trends and uses the internet on the daily (which is most likely the case since you’re reading this blog) you may have noticed the increase in the use of mobile devices. This may be due to the smaller compact devices making it easier to carry around and the strong desire to stay connected.

ComScore has provided some great data about the state of mobile titled “The US Mobile App Report” and the future of digital marketing titled “US Digital Future in Focus 2014”. These white papers focus on the overall increase in mobile usage as well as the total increase in the use of multiple platforms throughout the day.

Multi-Platform Usage 

As it turns out, users are now more than ever using multiple platforms for their digital experiences. These platforms include cell phones, tablets, and computers, which are used throughout the day for a variety of reasons.

With the increase of multi-platform usage of course means that these users can now be reached more often. Think about it…. You wake up in the morning, read a couple of articles on your cell phone, go to work and you’re on the computer all day, and then you end the day on your tablet reading a book or playing a game before bed. Before you know it you have been exposed to an abundance of ads and content. This is where the need for relevant and quality content comes into play. With the excess of information your potential customer is exposed to it is important to make sure your content stands out and is worth their while.

The Rise of Mobile

Mobile use overall has substantially increased along with the increase in use of multiple digital platforms. Just to be clear mobile in this case includes cell phones as well as tablets. Further more, the increase of mobile app usage has contributed to this.

According to ComScore, 57% of all internet usage is through mobile and of that majority 88% of smartphone use is on an app followed by 82% on tablets.

So what do all these percentages tell us? I believe the most important take away from these numbers is the fact that mobile is taking over when it comes to digital and internet usage so it is imperative that this be implemented into your marketing plan. For some, creating an app specific for your business may be even more beneficial.


Overall, it is clear that the world of digital is shifting into mobile and with that shift marketers will be able to access their target audience across multiple platforms. Because there is already a large amount of content and advertisements being thrown in the consumers face it is important to ensure the messages we are sending and the content we are creating across these different platforms are relevant and intriguing.


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