Getting Google Analytics Certified

Though there are many more digital marketing skills and tools to learn, the final steps to this particular journey includes obtaining a Google Analytics Certification!

Interestingly enough….. we started this journey with Google Analytics and now we are ending with it!

But why Google Analytics? 

For those small to medium-sized businesses looking to assess the effectiveness of their websites and mobile apps Google Analytics is a great tool for businesses to view the traffic to their sites with details such as:

  • Geographic location
  • Demographics
  • Specific browser used
  • Specific devices and carriers used (for mobile devices)
  • Total time spent on the site
  • Actions taken on each page, and more!

From the marketer’s standpoint Google Analytics along with Google Adwords provides great data and metrics about the effectiveness of particular campaigns and content. Effectiveness may be measured by which campaign or content is pulling the most traffic to your website or which is contributing the most to your conversion goal.

Wait, wait, wait! How do you use Google Analytics right?

Incase you’re wondering how you use Google Analytics, Google has provided some great content to help you become Google Analytics certified. This content includes a series of videos on the fundamentals of Google Analytics and the principles of Google Analytics, as well as specific blogs and informational content that gives you a more in-depth description of some of the topics discussed in the videos.

But there is more……..

Below is a list of important terms anyone looking to obtain a Google Analytics Certification should be familiar with. These terms are the main components of the Google Analytics “Data Model”.
>>>>> The “Data Model” is presented as the way data collected from your website is organized. These components are important when analyzing your website data, developing solutions for problems, or simply understanding your visitors better.

  1.  User – Visitors to your website or app
  2. Sessions – Duration of time these visitors spend on your website or app.
  3. Interactions – The actions users take on your website or app
    Ex: Visit the home page, watch a video, make a purchase
  4. Hits – Each individual interaction within a session
    Ex: Page views, events, transactions

So, if you are looking to ensure your website is performing to the best of its capabilities as well as want to understand your users to encourage higher goal conversions overall Google Analytics is a great tool to do so.

So you wanna be Google Analytics Certified? This is how!

As I complete the Google Analytics certification process a combination of watching the videos, reading the informational blogs, and practicing with the actual dashboard are how I was able to pass the certification process!
VolumeNine was the most helpful blog I found on Google Analytics! Check it out!


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